Ample Meal Shake (Review)

Hey All!

I just had the opportunity to try Ample Meal. Ample is a nutrient dense shake that can be a meal replacement. I agreed to try the product because I wanted the opportunity to provide awareness about an up and coming brand that is focused on using naturally derived ingredients. 
(They’re going to be phasing this particular bottle style out).

So at first, I had some trepidation. 

Depending on the day, I either get 45-55 grams of fat in my macros per day. These shakes are not your average 110 calorie protein shakes. At 400 cal, they are a little on the heavy side. I was concerned that I’d drink it, waste 22 of my allotted grams of fat, and then be hungry again in an hour. But alas, I decided to try. 

The directions say to use water or milk. For the first time, I used about 1/2 cup cashew milk, and about 1/2 cup water then shook.

This shake is thick!! Super thick. 

The flavor was interesting. There are no sweeteners. It reminded me of a bran or Special K cereal (if you remember those!) Maybe even a little nutty. It was unique. I liked it though.

So the test was to see how long it would keep me satisfied. Surprisingly, both times I felt satisfied (not quite full, but satisfied and NOT hungry) for over 4 hours. I think the heavy fat content had a lot to do with that. 

The 2nd time I tried the shake, I added about a teaspoon or two of pumpkin pie spice (cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves). It imparted a slightly sweet taste to the neutral shake. 

So, in closing, I would definitely drink again. The flavor is NOT super sweet. It will not obliterate a sweet tooth. It is not fully of chocolatey artificial flavors. It will, however, keep you satisfied with quality ingredients on days that you need some convenience in a bottle. 

Ample will be launching an Indiegogo campaign in the next few weeks. Check out their website to stay on top of their campaign, and maybe give their website a browse. If you care about quality ingredients and are like most people and have a hectic schedules, it might be worth a look!

*Full disclosure. I was given four bottles of Ample to try. I did not receive financial compensation for this review.*


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