My name is Ali Gutierrez-Romine. I switched to a primarily paleo diet after nearly an entire life of vegetarianism, and about two years of Crossfit. I no longer Crossfit, and I have adjusted my diet to include “non paleo” things like rice.

First and foremost, this is a blog about food and eating paleo with the non-paleo people you love. I love to cook and feed people delicious homemade food. This website is not about the underlying reasoning or beliefs of a paleo diet. Sometimes the label “paleo” puts people off. I’m not hunting and scavenging my own food, don’t be ridiculous. However, I do believe that a diet that is primarily comprised of whole foods is best. I don’t think most people would argue with that. If you’re more interested in the science about paleo, or you are interested in the primal lifestyle, I’m not the person to consult. There are many other websites and people who cover this 10x better than I ever could or would want to.

When I’m not experimenting in the kitchen or working out, I teach history at a local university. I came to paleo while in grduate school, and now I’m done with my PhD. Though I don’t work at a gym, I am a Certified Personal Trainer.

I am happily married to my spotter/husband/best friend/ partner in crime =)

All recipes property of Alicia Gutierrez-Romine

8 thoughts on “About”

  1. just want to keep in touch in the things your cooking and how your maintaining your weight,in keeping strong and healthy .. I Love what your doing.. : )) Keep it up and going!!
    **Hilda** : )))

  2. Hello. We met through instagram. Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Nelson Leung, aka, kungfunoodle. Thank you for this blog. Although I don’t cook much, hence why I get my Paleo meals through my CrossFit™ gym, IronTribe Fitness. If you ever get a chance to visit the South Eastern part of the U.S., please do know you have a new friend and CrossFit™ workout mate. You are more than welcome to do your WODs at ITF in Birmingham, AL

    If you like to read a little more on my professional background, please visit my online portfolio site: http://www.ohthatnelson.com
    There, you can click on the little FB, twitter or LinkedIn icons to add me.

    Thank you again for the cooking tips and see you around on instagram.

    1. Nelson, that is so kind of you! Likewise, if you’re ever in Southern California, about 60 miles east of Los Angeles, feel free to visit me and my gym, RC Crossfit. I hope you enjoy the blog! =)

  3. Hi Alica,

    thanks for liking my photo on instagram! Great blog you have here, will definitely be back for more recipes. My husband started going paleo at the beginning of the year and I followed only because his recipes were getting boring and I was helping him to search for variety. Like yourself, I’m not fully-paleo, my breakfast consists of fruits and 2 tablespoons of low-fat, low sugar yoghurt. I have a cup of coffee with regular milk daily, my lunches are non-paleo, but any food consumed after 6pm is definitely paleo. We try to eat clean too, however organic and hormone-free meats are really expensive at where we are located, so we do spend quite abit on groceries.
    Anyhow, sorry for the rant, it was really nice to come upon your blog and instagram. We are cat-lovers too, we have 3 🙂

    Grace (glinrt)

    1. Hi Grace! So glad you found my blog. I usually post on IG as I’m cooking, then update the blog shortly thereafter. I am paleo Monday through Friday, but I allow myself to have non-paleo foods over the weekend. I hope you like the recipes, my non-paleo roommates usually love my food, lol. Yes, sometimes good meat can be really expensive, but it’s worth it. Maybe alternate each week? And yes! I’m a total cat lover, haha!

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