Brick Betty Virtual Trunk Show & Flash Sale!


Just in time for the holiday season! This Wednesday and Thursday, Brick Betty will be hosting two virtual trunk shows and flash sales. During these, there will be specials on a certain number of specific products. If you’ve been wanting to try Brick Betty’s line of premium athletic gear, now’s the time! They will even ben selling items in Girl’s sizes!

The link to these events:  for Wednesday’s sale  for Thursday’s sale

Don’t forget to select me as your Fit Pro!

Lower Body Blaster

Looking for a quick workout to get you through your mid-week slump? I think I’ll do this or some variation of this today. Try it out!

5-10 min warm up on Rower

1. 3 x 10 DB Sumo Deadlift

2. 5 rounds:
50 weighted step ups (25/leg)
10 squats
Rest 60 seconds

3. 25 burpees


Farmers carry (using DB’s)
Walking lunges (bodyweight or use weight from farmers carry)
20 Mountain climbers


25 burpees after 10 min mark

4. Go to treadmill

10 rds
30 sec work: 30 sec rest
Deadmills (treadmill OFF, sprinting with belt manually)

Good luck with walking after!

If you’re unsure about an exercise, use google or youtube. As always, consult a physician before beginning a new workout regimen. And make sure you do not do an activity if it causes pain or discomfort.

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Brick Betty Network!

Workout Ideas for the Temporally-Challenged, aka How to Have a Great Workout, Fast!

I recently joined with Brick Betty to become one of their FitPro Ambassadors.

Brick Betty offers premium workout gear. The fabrics feel great, and the designs are super cute.

They’re having a grand opening sale right now (through August 7), and you can save 20% with code BBGO20. Go check them out! Don’t forget to select me as your FitPro when you check out (Ali Gutierrez-Romine).

As part of my partnership with them, I wrote a blog post on how to get a workout when you’re short on time.

Check it out HERE.

To check out Brick Betty’s line of workout clothes, click here.