Turkey-Cucumber Roll Ups

I almost feel like I’m cheating. I’m giving you a recipe for something that requires absolutely no cooking whatsoever. It’s simply assembly.

Now, these taste best fresh. I would advise against making these too far in advance. They may get soggy if they sit.

This is a small recipe. It will make 6 little rolls. The cucumber will yield more slices, but I was just making enough for myself. Adjust as necessary.

Turkey Cucumber Roll Ups
Peeled Cucumber Slices (using a vegetable peeler, take off cucumber skin, then continue to peel the cucumber around the seeded middle)
3 slices of real, unprocessed deli meat (I used turkey)
Half a tomato, diced
Shredded carrot
Shredded lettuce
Paleo mayo (optional)


Arrange cucumber slices on a flexible cutting board or piece of parchment paper. Layer meat on top of it.



Add your vegetables in a thin line. If you want to add paleo mayo, add it now.


Lift up the edge of the cutting board or parchment paper to help you fold the roll onto itself.


Roll tightly.


Insert a toothpick in the center of each cucumber slice.


Using a paring knife or a serrated knife, slice between each cucumber slice. Serve and enjoy!!


Chicken Salad Wraps

Today’s recipe is Part 2. Essentially, this is something to do with your slow-cooker chicken leftovers. When I was a vegetarian, I used to love veggie chicken salad sandwiches. I could eat them incessantly. My goal was to capture the favors of the garlicky chicken salad I loved and transform it into a paleo lunch/snack. Essential to this recipe was the making of my very own paleo mayo. This is the hardest part, and it wasn’t too bad. Hope you enjoy!

Paleo Garlicky Mayo (makes about 1 cup. Maybe a little less)
-1 egg
-1 cup olive oil
-1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
-2 garlic cloves
-1 tablespoon of organic mustard (check ingredients)
-Cayenne pepper
-Juice from half a lemon
-Green onion, chopped
-Optional seasonings (garlic powder, onion powder, chile powder)
Ok, this seems like a lot of stuff (read: a lot of effort) for mayo, but it was surprisingly easy. Throw everything into a blender except the lemon, green onion and olive oil.

Start your blender on low and very slowly add your olive oil. My blender was on so long I thought it was going to die on me. Add your olive oil slowly!! Too fast and it won’t emulsify properly. When all the olive oil is added, transfer your mayo into another dish. Tada!! Basic mayo.

For the purposes of our chicken salad, add the chopped green onion and some lemon juice to brighten up the flavor. Check for salt and pepper. Add additional seasonings if you wish.

For the wraps, I mixed about a teaspoon of mayo (a little goes a long way) with leftover slow-cooker chicken pieces. I added cherry tomatoes and diced red bell pepper. I served over red leaf lettuce leaves and topped with avocado.

Enjoy! Dinner (or snack) is done!